Company Culture

Gold Stone as a professional high-end photovoltaic equipment and technical service providers, with its efficient single crystal heterojunction battery in the field of technology, technological breakthroughs and high-end equipment R & D integration capabilities, is committed to domestic and foreign customers to provide "turnkey" (Turn-key) large-scale efficient solar cell production equipment and production line integration project. Efficient single crystal heterojunction solar cell technology is generally optimistic about the future of the mainstream of photovoltaic power generation technology, carrying the hope of the photovoltaic industry and the future.
                                                                                                      —Goldstone Energy (Fujian) Company Ltd.


A complete production line within 180 days
Deliver Fast
To ensure that customers quickly install, debug, mass production
Integration capability
Integration of resources
effectively leveraged global R&D resources in materials
Excellent scientific research personnel
World Class
From the United States, Japan, Taiwan and other regions of the outstanding talent
Have market vitality
Technical Innovation
become a world leader in high efficiency solar cell production solution

Gold Stone MISSION

Make renewable solar energy affordable and realize the grid parity eventually 


Gold Stone VISION

Become a technical leader in the global photovoltaic industry.



Gold Stone VALUES

Honesty, Pragmatism, Innovation, Dedication, Collaboration, Gratitude



The Future Will Continue

Based on our in-depth understanding of the photovoltaic industry, GS-Solar has effectively leveraged global R&D resources in materials, processes, equipment, system integration, etc., and has built a global supply chain and collaborative R&D system, which has enabled us to achieve a great deal of success in the face of severe competition, and even greater success in the future.  

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